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World of Burning Glass


The Troika
In case you’re wondering what a troika looks like, here is a lovely photo of one. Just imagine three white horses and Prince Anton driving the sleigh. 🙂

Troika 01

The Box Bed
While doing research for Burning Glass, I came across this picture of a strange box bed. I knew at once Sonya must have a bed like this in the palace. Unfortunately, hers is much more cramped and disturbing (and better at concealing hidden doors).

Box Bed from Austria

The Convent
I imagine the convent of the Auraseers looks something like the Ferapontov Monastery in Russia.

Ferapontov Monastery

Song for Anton
I have a tradition of composing a song for every story I write. Here is my song for Burning Glass.

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia
There are people in this world who claim to be the type of empath Sonya is–feeling not only other people’s emotions, but also their physical sensations. Here are some great links about this phenomenon called “mirror-touch synesthesia.”

For more pictures that inspire and remind me of BURNING GLASS, check out my Pinterest page.