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Editing Services

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Kathryn Purdie, is now offering editing services! To have your work considered, please read through the following information, guidelines, and rates before contacting her. (Her contact information is at the bottom of this page.)


Kathryn critiques middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction. She does not critique picture books, early reader books, and non-fiction.

Reading is subjective. You may agree or disagree with Kathryn’s feedback, as you would with any editor’s. What Kathryn can promise is that her critique will be thoughtful, honest, thorough, and based on knowledge gained through years of professional writing, critiquing, and teaching about the craft.

Kathryn will not be able to offer a professional endorsement or blurb for any work that she has been paid to critique.

All projects must be formatted in a .doc/.docx file, be double-spaced, and use point-size 12 Times New Roman font. (This is the industry standard.)

Turnaround times are listed with the rates below, but they are also subject to availability. For example, critiquing a query letter will take up to three days for Kathryn, but she may be booked out for two weeks before she can begin that project. She will set an agreed-upon project date with you before you pay for any services.


Query Letter Critique: $25. 1 page/up to 300 words. 3-day turnaround.

Synopsis Critique: $40. Up to five pages. 5-day turnaround.

Partial Manuscript Critique: $2.50/page. Up to fifty pages. 12-day turnaround. The Partial Manuscript Critique includes the same type of feedback (in-document editing + an editorial letter) as the Extensive Manuscript Critique (listed below).

Reader Report: $0.0075/word. Completed manuscripts only. 14 to 21-day turnaround. A Reader Report does not include any line edits, in-document comments, or markup. It does include a multi-page edit letter that identifies the manuscript’s overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as major issues concerning characters, plot, setting, world-building, pacing, voice, POVs, and dialogue.

Extensive Manuscript Critique: $0.01/word. Completed manuscripts only. 21 to 28-day turnaround. The Extensive Manuscript Critique includes everything that the Reader Report does, as well as in-document markup, comments, deletions, and insertions (using MS Word’s track changes). The Extensive Manuscript Critique also includes some technical editing, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but it is not a full line edit.


All payments must be made via PayPal. Query Letter Critiques, Synopsis Critiques, and Partial Manuscript Critiques must be paid prior to services rendered. (You will be billed upon agreement of a date.)

For Reader Reports and Extensive Manuscript Critiques, a 50% deposit is required prior to beginning. The remaining half is due upon receipt of completed services. A services contract between Kathryn and the author must be completed for all Reader Reports and Full Manuscript Critiques.


“With a keen eye for detail and a practiced instinct for pacing and character development, Kathryn Purdie has been my go-to critique partner for nearly a decade. I can’t imagine plotting a manuscript without her artistic eye and insightful wordsmith abilities. From line edits to global developmental feedback, her gift for storytelling shines through with her excellent communication skills, thorough observations, and unmatched work ethic.” ~Emily R. King, award-winning author of The Hundredth Queen series and Evermore Chronicles

“I have worked with Kathryn Purdie on every one of my novels and will continue to use her editing services. She is thoughtful, detail-oriented, professional, and she really takes the time to ponder through issues, big and small. I can’t recommend her enough. Anyone able to get her input and feedback on their writing is a lucky author indeed!” ~Ilima Todd, award-winning author of A Song for the Stars and Remake

“Kathryn is my go-to when I need editorial feedback. She has one of the keenest eyes for story and is a fantastic line editor as well. Her feedback is always spot-on. Highly recommend!” ~Sara B. Larson, author of Defy, Dark Breaks the Dawn, and Sisters of Shadow and Light

“Kathryn Purdie is not only a super-expert editor for my fantasy fiction, but she’s a great human being who is a joy to work with. I love her approach to editing in that she has the true gift of offering detailed story-level feedback and detailed scene editing. I can’t say enough about what she offers to the editing process.” ~Thomas Hendrich, client


Please email Kathryn at Be sure to include what service(s) you’re interested in. If you’re interested in the Reader Report or Extensive Manuscript Critique, please mention how many words your document is.

Kathryn will contact you within three days for further consideration and to discuss her soonest availability.